Photo Guidelines

It's important to provide a high-quality image. Follow these tips to ensure your final result is out of this world:

- 1 -
Snap a photo in daylight or well-lit rooms.

- 2 -
Use a smartphone or camera of good quality.

- 3 -
Avoid shadows and capture the whole face and neck.

- 4 -
Keep the photo natural, avoiding harsh lighting and filters.

- 5 -
Have your subject look directly at the camera and face forward.

Examples of SUITABLE images

Examples of UNSUITABLE images

Not suitable because...
Photo taken from wrong angle.
Cannot see face.

Not suitable because...
Photo is blurry.
Filter used distorts the details.

Not suitable because...
Not looking the right way.
Face is covered by the hat.

Need help or advice choosing your photo?

Send us your image via email and we'll get back to you. We understand that sometimes it's not feasible to follow all the guidelines listed.